There is hope for recovery from addiction.

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease. It is treatable, and countless people live long and full lives in recovery from substance use disorder. Unfortunately, millions of people don’t have access to the treatment that could help them break free of the pain and despair of addiction. The disease is treatable, but too often it goes untreated. The result is that people- our parents, children, friends, and neighbors- suffer and often die as the direct result of addiction and alcoholism.

The problem is not that we don’t have effective treatment for addiction- it’s a combination of factors, including the reality that many people remain in the dark about addiction and how it works, and that a huge percentage of people who need or want treatment are unable to get it. In the Surgeon General’s report “Facing Addiction in America” the numbers are laid bare: over 20 million people suffer from substance use disorders, seventy-eight people die every day as the result of drugs and alcohol, and yet only one in ten people who need help for addiction or alcoholism actually receive it (Facing Addiction in America.)

The Seraph Foundation was founded to bridge the gap between need and solution. Professional treatment is the most effective route toward helping people overcome addiction and alcoholism. And education is the key to mobilizing communities to work together to form comprehensive solutions for our addiction crisis.

Our non-profit organization works to raise funding to help those in need access the treatment they need to recover from addiction and alcoholism. We create and support community events geared toward educating the public about substance use disorder, how to prevent it, recognize it, and address it, and we sponsor projects that start conversations about addiction and how to face it honestly and compassionately. The stigma of addictive drug and alcohol use keeps people sick- we aim to debunk that stigma and support initiatives that alleviate the shame of addiction and focus on solutions.

The Seraph Foundation exists because addiction and alcoholism have stolen the lives and potential of too many members of our families and community. Addiction is a disease, but there is treatment available. With the proper funding and support, we can work together that everyone who needs it has a chance at receiving help to recover from addiction and alcoholism.

“Our goal is to further prevention, education, and treatment of addiction for communities and individuals.

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