Moving Toward Recovery

August 26, 2019

Image via Pixabay Moving Toward Recovery If you’re recovering from an addiction to alcohol or another substance, finding a new place to live might help provide the fresh start you need to make sobriety stick. Should relocation be part of your recovery plan, you’ll want to find a place that helps you create a healthy, […]

Filling your Cup

March 6, 2019

I am an addict, when I get on something it is hard to quit.  I was getting caught up in the vortex of YouTube, you know that situation, you start looking at a DIY book shelf and next thing you know it’s 3 hours later and I’m watching a video about the migration patterns of […]

New Year, New You

January 5, 2019

It seemed like going into New Year’s Eve, I always said I wasn’t going to get out of control. And that starting first of the year, I would cut back. That never happened. The night would progress, so would the drinking, drugs, and bad decisions. The next morning was full of regret and disgust. The […]

Never Ask for Directions

October 31, 2018

Act like a man Be a man Man up Men don’t ask for directions Men don’t use instruction manuals From the start, little boys are taught to be tough. They hear things like “act like a man” or “man up”. And we all know that real men don’t need to ask for directions when they’re […]

What to Do After a Relapse | How to Move Forward

August 16, 2018

 What to Do After a Relapse | How to Move Forward If you have relapsed, it’s important to remember that this does not mean all the work you have put towards your sobriety is wasted. Instead, it’s a wake-up call. Your treatment has not been working for a reason, and this is an opportunity to […]

But How am I Going to do THAT Sober?

August 1, 2018

I am tired of living this way. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I don’t know how to make a change. I am very confused about a lot of things, but the one thing I do know is that life will certainly be boring if I don’t drink or do drugs. That’s the […]


July 17, 2018

EXPUNCTION Expunction.  What a funny sounding word.  Why would I as an addict in recovery care about the meaning of such an odd word?  The simple reason is that being in recovery could foster an interest in such an odd word. One of the corollaries to addiction is criminal mischief.   The exact percentage of addicts […]

How Art and Music Therapy Can Help Those in Addiction Recovery

July 9, 2018

Art therapy is a methodology that uses the creative process of making art with the goal of improving a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Patients use art as a medium for expressing complicated emotions connected to their own personal traumas. By becoming more in touch with their inner self, patients find peace and freedom […]

These Are The Alternative Treatment Methods Recovery Survivors Need To Know

May 22, 2018

Statistics show that drug and alcohol abuse is on the rise. Approximately 23.5 percent of Americans are struggling with an addiction problem, yet only one in 10 receives the treatment they need due to financial limitations. If changes happen with healthcare reform, it can become easier for everyone to afford proper care, but until then, […]

A Letter from Above

December 20, 2017

I am dead. I died from addiction. It is a horrible disease. The pain caused from addiction takes so many forms. I suffered. I don’t believe my parents or brother ever understood the suffering I endured as an addict. In fact, my brother for the longest of time,thought I was just stupid. For my parents […]