Learn evidence-based techniques to heal trauma and stress

Using practical, evidence-based skills for self-care, nutrition, self-awareness, and group support, anyone can leverage the power of the mind-body connection and take an active role in our ongoing healing.

This 8-week series will help you to develop skills that can support you by:

Cultivating Balance

Reducing Stress

Reducing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Enhancing Self-Awareness

Developing Coping Skills

Promoting Healing

Mind-Body Skills Groups have been developed over the last 30 years according to a model created by our Founder and Executive Director, James S. Gordon, MD and CMBM Faculty and Staff. Highly experiential and integrative techniques–such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training, breath work, movement, self expression and other approaches–are taught in a supportive environment.

An online MBSG is grounded in self-reflection. Sharing and connecting with others creates a wonderful learning and growth environment that supports individual and collective well-being. MBSGs support being witness to your own as well as other’s emotions and experiences.

Groups emphasize a sense of community. They are small, with 8-10 people. This format provides an opportunity to begin to integrate the mind-body skills into your life, in a real and practical way, with the support of the group to help you work through any difficulties along the way.

This is not a webinar nor an open or drop-in group. This is not a therapy group! Instead this is a highly-supportive educational group with a facilitator who is also an equal participant in the group.

This 8week series utilizes the principles of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, www.cmbm.org.

Group size is limited; registration is required.  Contact Dr. Dixie Brown at dixie@lotushealingforyou.com to register, subject email MBM REGISTRATION.

Dates & Times

We will meet via Zoom on Wednesdays 6-8pm ET April 24-June 12.


$299 USD

Early Bird- $199 USD until April 1

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