August 28 – August 30
Aug 28 at 8 PM to Aug 30 at 8 PM

Please help us support The Seraph Fund! We are so honored to be able to help women in need and help give back to such an amazing Foundation. This will be a 2 Day online Fundraiser hosted in our VIP Group
For those of you that don’t know Chianne and myself (Natasha) are both fulltime Law Enforcement Officers. Addiction and Mental Health are near and dear to our hearts, as these are things we encounter every day. When asked about doing this Fundraiser there was no questions and we immediately said yes! Chianne and I want to make sure that these women have every chance at being successful and healthy. We are also being joined by a few other consultants! Jasmine Gabion, Jayci Gowert, Samantha Kern and Tyffany McWhorter. This will give you plenty of options to choose from! These ladies are amazing and also have personal connections to Addiction and Mental Health. We all feel so blessed to be able to partake in this fundraiser. We all thank you, from our whole hearts, for your support! Below you will find a little information on The Seraph Fund and the link for them and Willow Place.
Here is a little bit about The Seraph Fund:
We believe that everyone who suffers from addiction deserves the chance to recover.
We work to provide financial support for people who need treatment for substance use disorders, sponsor community events that promote education and prevention of addiction, and work to eliminate the shame that often prevents people from seeking help.
With our partner organizations and community support, together we can ensure that no one who wants to recover must suffer from addiction and alcoholism.

Thank you for all of your Love and Support!
Chianne and Natasha, Jasmine Gabino, Jayci Gowert, Samantha Kern, and Tyffany McWhorter
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