It seemed like going into New Year’s Eve, I always said I wasn’t going to get out of control. And that starting first of the year, I would cut back. That never happened. The night would progress, so would the drinking, drugs, and bad decisions. The next morning was full of regret and disgust. The idea of a new year, new me was out the window. The focus quickly switched to not feeling like death and blocking out the disappointment of not only the previous night but previous several years. The idea of a better year was replaced with just focusing on feeling better in the moment. The problem with New Years resolutions is that you try to focus on the long-term goal of keeping it all year. It’s the same thing with sobriety. The thought of never drinking or using seems impossible. Most people who set New Year’s resolutions start off strong then fade off and fall back into the old behavior they are trying to change. At the moment when you make that resolution it seems like a great idea, but the effort of keeping that resolution all year seems impossible. But keeping that resolution for one day seems very doable. It’s same thing with making a change with your drinking and drug use. Don’t look at it as forever, it’s just one day at a time. 

~ AG

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