When I came to the Seraph Foundation I had felt that I had hit rock bottom. I could not stop drinking on my own and I tried many times and I was feeling hopeless………I even tried the Veterans Administration (I’m a Former Active Duty Marine) which was unsuccessful. A family member of mine had gone through the Seraph Foundation for help with similar addictions and was helped successfully.  I felt like I should try and see if I could also be successful through them, if they would allow me. I filled out the application and was granted a scholarship to Mount Sinai in Georgia. Mount Sinai is an amazing place and helped guide me back on to a path of sober living. The daily activities and meetings were essential in my recovery. The Doctors, Nurses, and whole Staff are top notch and there for your care 24/7. When I returned home from Mount Sinai, I was assigned a sober coach who is an amazing person. He still helps me out of the kindness of his heart even after his duties for the Seraph Foundation were over. I’d like to thank Dixie Brown and the staff at the Seraph Foundation for believing in me and giving me the chance to live a sober life again.

And also, for anyone reading this please understand that there is help and if you feel afraid to ask DON’T be. Asking for help is a powerful statement to yourself and others that you ARE ready for change. Be ready to love yourself again and be successful. And with wonderful people and programs such as the Seraph Foundation how could you not be successful if you allow it to happen. Stay sober, stay healthy. SEMPER FIDELIS