To some, I was just another alcoholic, drinking selfishly to destroy my instinct of self-preservation; annihilate my self-worth.  I had set sail on a seemingly slow and formidable journey surrounded by gloomy and despondent waves that were entwined with resentment, fear and self-pity, and riddled with ripples of hopelessness and despair.  I once aspired to be the person who could successfully help others; I graduated from nursing school with honors. Instead, I became the person mixed up in a system rejected by society.
One day I made the conscious decision to surrender my power over alcohol, and trust in a Higher Power. I moved into a recovery house and started to rebuild my life. I applied to the Seraph Foundation for assistance, and they delivered, without hesitation, a scholarship to assist me with housing. Their assistance allowed me the time to focus on my recovery, find a sponsor and work on my steps. Their assistance allowed me to look for employment,  become a happier person with myself and become a respected member of society again. My new expedition in life is much more hopeful today, full of new opportunities and new discoveries. I am forever grateful for the services the Seraph Foundation provided, and continues to provide during my new life’s journey; a second chance at life.  ~ Diana